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How To Have A Safe Psilocybin Trip: Psilocybin Trip Guide

Psilocybin | Source: Unsplash

Planning on taking a trip? Magic mushrooms could be just the ticket you’re looking for! If this sounds like you, stick around. Because today, we’re sharing our psilocybin trip guide.

As the culture surrounding psychedelics shifts, more and more people have considered experimenting on their own. This is largely due to the growing evidence that psychedelics can be safe and effective in treating mental and physical health conditions. Even some celebrities have started coming forward to share their positive experiences with these substances. 

However, many people are still hesitant due to their fear of having a “bad trip.” These negative trips can often be the result of insufficient preparation. That’s why it’s important to remember that psychedelics, like magic mushrooms, can be a powerful tool that should be treated with care and respect. 

After all, you wouldn’t try using a chainsaw without reading the manual first. So, you should learn more about mushrooms before embarking on your journey! 

How To Have A Safe Psilocybin Trip: Psilocybin Trip Guide

If you’ve ever played any form of Mario game, you’d know that when landed on correctly magic mushrooms can be great! But unlike Mario, we can’t just jump on them for a desired effect (although they could make you feel like you’ve doubled in size).

To know how to have a safe trip with psilocybin, it would be in your best interest to get a quick rundown on what it is, and why it affects our brains the way it does.

Psilocybin… What is it?

Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic alkaloid found in some spore-bearing fruiting bodies of fungi, typically in the form of a round cap on a stalk… or in mushrooms. Now, mushrooms without the psilocybin compound aren’t considered magic (unless you’ve had them stuffed and baked to perfection of course!). The magic part happens with psilocybin, (which is basically a poison) is found in mushrooms, and ingested in some form. 

But don’t worry, with moderation psilocybin found in mushrooms is safe for humans to consume. In fact, humans and magic mushrooms have a long-standing history. There is actually a theory aptly named the Stoned Ape Theory that suggests that our evolutionary ancestors found language and self-reflection in psilocybin mushrooms!

According to Drug Science, psilocybin mushrooms change the user’s consciousness and sensory experience. When you take mushrooms and start to trip, it is actually the psilocybin activating the same receptors in the brain that serotonin activates. 

Basically, psilocybin is essentially working on the part of our brain that controls moods, imagination, learning, and perception. So when you think of magic mushroom trips, think of them as external houses for a super-serotonin! Click here to learn more about mushrooms and their effect on the human brain.

Okay… we’ve gotten this far, but our real goal is to make sure we’re helping you have the most positive and safe trip with magic mushrooms possible. So with that being said, we’ve created a guide to prepare you for your first psychedelic trip with just a few easy steps:

Step 1: Research and know your dose.

Using psychedelics can be a transformative and potentially positive experience. Still, it’s important to take steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable time. 

The first thing you should do is do your research! Mushrooms are widely considered to be relatively safe and non-addictive, but understand that they can still present some risks. This is especially true for anyone with pre-existing mental health conditions. If you have any concerns about your mental health or any other medical issues, we highly recommend that you consult with a healthcare professional before even thinking about tripping.

Of course, it’s also important to know how much you’re taking. The effects and duration of a psychedelic trip with shrooms can vary based on the amount you’re taking. If you’re new to psychedelics, you should probably start with a lower dosage. This can help you get a feel for the substance and allow you to gauge its effects on your body and mind.

Overall, taking the time to properly prepare and educate yourself about psychedelics can start to solidify a positive and enjoyable trip. You can find more about how to research the psilocybin dosage meant for your body here!

bowl of mushrooms and bag of mushrooms

Step 2: Take time for mindfulness and preparation.

When approaching a psychedelic experience with shrooms, it can be beneficial to think of it as a month-long ritual. This might help you to fully prepare your mind and body for the trip and can give you time to reflect and integrate the insights gained afterward.

During the first two weeks of your ritual, focus on maintaining physical and mental health. This might mean eating a healthy and well-balanced diet, incorporating regular exercise into your routine, and/or practicing daily meditation. Even just a few minutes of meditation each day can help to clear the mind and promote a sense of calm and focus.

In the lead-up to the journey, take time to reflect on your goals and what you hope to achieve through the use of psychedelics. This can be done through journaling or other self-reflection activities. Write down self-improvement goals, and any potential stumbling blocks holding you back from making these improvements. You can get clarity on your objectives and better understanding by spending at least two weeks on this type of introspection through the psychedelic journey.

You can learn how to incorporate mindfulness and magic mushrooms here!

Step 3: Prepare your set and setting.

Before taking those shrooms, it’s crucial to ready yourself

and your environment. Setting a positive mindset with mindfulness and journaling can help you to focus on your intentions and be more present during the trip. It’s also essential to create a comfortable and familiar setting, as shrooms can intensify your surroundings and emotions. This is especially important for first-time users, who may find the experience more intense or overwhelming.

It is recommended to have a trusted trip sitter present. Try and find someone (preferably a friend) who can provide emotional support and physical comfort if needed. The trip sitter should be prepared to be present for the duration of the trip and should be familiar with the effects of psychedelics, more so of magic mushrooms. Also, try to avoid taking psychedelics in crowded or unfamiliar environments, as the drugs can bring up unresolved issues.

It is also important to have practical considerations around you. Be sure to have access to water and a bathroom, as the drugs can affect your body’s hydration and digestion. You may also want to consider playing calming music or having other sensory stimuli available, such as cozy blankets or pillows, to enhance the experience. 

By properly preparing yourself and your environment, you can set the stage for a safe and meaningful psychedelic journey. Click here to read more about how to set your environment successfully for your trip!

a women with a cup of tea sitting on the couch with blankets and a book

Step 4: Take your Psychedelic Journey.

Okay, so now that you’ve done your research and prepared yourself for the trip mentally and physically… what’s next?

Taking the trip, of course! This is arguably the easiest part of this whole process. Because, all you need to do now is take those shrooms! 

Consuming magic mushrooms comes in many forms. Most people just chew on the mushroom caps and stems and get it over with. However, you can also brew these babies in your tea, cook them with your food, or take them as pills (after being grounded up and capsuled). Honestly, the possibilities are seemingly endless, so do what’s right for you!

It’s also important to understand that everyone’s trip can and will be different. Like snowflakes, no two shroom experiences are alike. The best thing you can possibly do after taking those bad boys is let them take you on the journey. While it’s important to be mindful and aware of what’s to come before the trip, it’s just as important to allow yourself to be in the moment during the trip.

You don’t want to catalyze a potential bad trip from over thinking, or succumbing to the anxiety of it being your first time. Remember, you have anchors to lean on in the form of your trip sitter, your fuzzy blankets, and maybe a feel good movie you loved as a kid. Don’t undo all of that work from trying to control how your trip goes… because it’s impossible!

Step 5: Integrate what you learned into your daily life. 

Integration after a psychedelic trip is crucial to benefit from any insights or lessons learned during the trip. Integration involves reflecting on your experiences and finding ways to incorporate what you learned into your daily life. 

It’s important to be open and willing to recognize vulnerabilities during the integration process, as the insights gained from a psychedelic journey can sometimes be difficult to confront. However, the process of self-reflection and introspection can bring true personal growth and transformation.

Integration isn’t a one-time event either. It’s a continuous process that can take days, weeks, months, or even years. It requires dedication and commitment to actively engage in self-improvement and inner growth.

While integration can be challenging at times, the rewards are well worth the effort! By fully embracing and incorporating the lessons learned during a psychedelic experience, you can become a better, more self-aware, and compassionate individual. Don’t be afraid to reach out for support from friends, loved ones, or a therapist if you need help during this process. 

Magic mushrooms come in many forms with purple mushrooms

Have a nice trip, friends!

Having a safe trip with psilocybin mushrooms is all about preparation and setting. It’s not always easy to understand what’s going on. And even when you do, it can be pretty hard to know how to react. 

The effects of ingesting psilocybin are unpredictable—you never know exactly what kind of trip you’ll have or how intense it will be. And, it’s important to remember that psilocybin mushrooms are not considered safe for everyone! 

It’s also important to remember that LSD and magic mushrooms and other psychedelics are illegal in many states / countries and can have serious legal consequences if possession, use, or distribution is discovered. So be aware of the laws in your area and respect them!

We’ll leave you with this past piece of advice: the journey does not end when the effects of the psychedelic wear off, it is only just beginning!

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