Why Cannabis Is Your Go-To Hiking Companion

Millennial girl smoking cannabis while hiking in nature.

Enjoying the great outdoors is an experience that many of us love. One way to make your time outside even better is by combining your hiking journey with a little bit of cannabis. 

The best part about medicating with cannabis is that it makes just about every fun activity even better. Think about it: music sounds great when you’re high, food tastes amazing when you have the munchies, and conversations about the universe are even more interesting. But what about a outdoor activities such as hiking and trail running? Does weed pair well with vigorous exercise, or does it make you groggy and lazy?

Cannabis helps your mental health

Cannabis is a remarkable wellness tool for strengthening and maintaining your mental health. Note that mental health isn’t just about mental illness. Consider medicating with cannabis as self care and an integral part of your overall well-being.

It can help tune you in more into the present moment. It can amplify positive experiences like appreciating nature, exercising, or enjoying some great company.

For mental ailments like, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, numerous studies have shown that cannabis is a great medicine.

Hiking is a great way to improve your mental well-being

Hiking is an amazing way to make that connection with nature and take a mini vacation from our demanding lives. In a study done by Stanford researchers, there was found to be a correlation between city dwelling and a rise in depression.

They also discovered that getting back into nature was significantly helpful for treating overthinking and self-directed negative thoughts.

Combining cannabis with hiking can create an extraordinary experience

Cannabis has been shown to help with your mental health. and so does hiking. Now just imagine what you will experience if you fuse them together.

After all, hiking is a great exercise to take part in. This study shows how cannabis can improve exercise performance. It can help you focus on your experience appreciate all that nature has to offer.

The combination of good exercise and good weed is a match made in heaven. The two keys to enjoying your experience are just respect responsibility. Be aware and respectful to other people on the trail. Not everyone likes to toke up, so using a dry herb vaporizer (such as the Air Vape X, Davinci Miqro and Mighty) or snacking on some edibles is a great way to stay lowkey. Plus, not using an open flame eliminates the risk or starting an accidental fire. Take all the safety precautions one would typically apply while on a hiking adventure. Grab a bud, good weed, some accessories, and hit the trails. You may be surprised at what you discover in the forest and in yourself.

Note: You certainly don’t need cannabis to enjoy nature, but as Wiz Khalifa said, “Everything’s better when you’re high.” Now get out there and enjoy the trails!

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