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Creating Better Days Wildlife CBD Bites Oven Baked Pet Treats (150mg)

  • Quality: All-Natural, Lab Tested, Non-GMO, THC Free.
  • Packaging: Resealable bag with a transparent window for product viewing.
  • Design: Colorful and vibrant packaging with nature-inspired patterns.
  • Features: Made with natural ingredients and infused with CBD.

The Creating Better Days Wildlife CBD Bites  are a premium choice for pet owners seeking a wholesome way to incorporate CBD into their pets’ lives.

Each treat is carefully infused with 150mg of high-quality CBD, offering a gentle and natural approach to enhancing your pet’s wellbeing.

These oven-baked treats are made with carefully selected, pet-safe ingredients, ensuring a nutritious and delicious snack that pets will love.

The CBD content in these treats is ideal for supporting a range of health needs, from easing anxiety and stress to providing comfort for joint and muscle issues.

The size and texture of the treats make them suitable for pets of various breeds and sizes. Whether used as a daily supplement, a training tool, or a special reward, the Creating Better Days Wildlife CBD Bites provide a convenient, enjoyable, and beneficial way to look after your pet’s health, contributing to a happier and more balanced lifestyle for your furry friend.