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King Palm Rollies

  • Hand-rolled natural leaf rolls.
  • Super slow-burning.
  • Free of tobacco and additives.
  • Each roll is designed to hold 1.25 grams.
  • Natural palm leaves.
  •  Accessories Included: Humidity control packet to maintain optimal moisture.

King Palm Rollies are the epitome of natural smoking luxury, perfect for those who appreciate a pure and organic experience.

These hand-rolled leaves are made from naturally cultivated palm leaves, ensuring a chemical-free and additive-free smoke. Each Rollie is conveniently pre-rolled, offering a hassle-free setup with a slow and even burn that enhances your smoking session.

With their compact size, these Rollies are ideal for individual use, providing a smooth, clean taste that complements your choice of herbal blends.

King Palm’s commitment to sustainability and natural materials makes these Rollies a top choice for environmentally conscious consumers who don’t want to compromise on quality or experience.