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Funky Farms CBD Tincture (500mg)

(2 customer reviews)
  • Infused with a flavorful orange dream (cream) flavor.
  • Contains 500 mg of cannabinoids for potential wellness benefits.
  • Dropper included for precise dosing.

Embrace the power of nature with Funky Farms CBD Tincture, a perfect blend of potency and purity for your wellness routine. This premium tincture is infused with 500mg of high-quality CBD, ideal for those seeking balance, relief, and relaxation.

Its formula is designed for fast absorption and easy use, ensuring you get the full benefits of CBD with just a few drops. The tincture’s natural composition guarantees a pure, non-intoxicating experience, making it suitable for daily use.

Whether you’re dealing with stress, sleep issues, or just seeking a natural wellness boost, Funky Farms’ commitment to quality makes this tincture a reliable and effective choice.

2 reviews for Funky Farms CBD Tincture (500mg)

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