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Bhang CBD Dark Chocolate (10mg)

  • Contains full-spectrum CBD extract.
  • 73% Premium Dark Chocolate.
  • Crafted for a rich and smooth taste experience.
  • Ideal for consumers looking for relaxation and wellness.
  • Lab-tested for quality assurance.

The Bhang CBD Dark Chocolate is an exquisite choice for those who savor the rich, bold flavors of dark chocolate combined with the wellness benefits of CBD.

Each bar is infused with 10mg of premium CBD, offering a sophisticated way to enjoy the potential calming and therapeutic effects of CBD.

The dark chocolate used in this product is of the highest quality, ensuring a deep, cocoa-rich taste that dark chocolate connoisseurs will appreciate.

The carefully measured CBD content allows for consistent dosing, making it easy to incorporate into your daily health and wellness routine.

Perfect for unwinding after a long day or as a post-outdoor activity treat, Bhang’s CBD Dark Chocolate offers a luxurious, guilt-free way to relax and rejuvenate, appealing to both chocolate aficionados and those seeking the natural benefits of CBD.