Greenbox: Shopping For Cannabis Simplified


Shopping for you favorite cannabis strain just got easier, thanks to Greenbox.

With such a high turnover rate in the industry, it can be hard to go shopping for cannabis. Well, Greenbox, an automatic dispensary machine, is currently being distributed to a few dispensaries in the U.S. Think of it like a vending machine, but rather a Bud Tending Machine.

Invented by Zack Johnson, a former music industry executive from Massachusetts who is currently the company’s CEO.

Johnson came up with the idea while waiting in a long dispensary line. If you have ever been to a dispensary, then you know how tedious the waiting process can be.

The machine features a touch screen on which you can select either oils, flowers, or edibles.

Greenbox made its debut appearance at a California dispensary, Erba Markets earlier this year. To date, the machine has generate around $20,000 in sales and the dispensary owners are planning on rolling out with 5 more machines this year.

After taking over 2 years to design, research, and develop, the machine came into manifestation with the help of GreenBox’s COO, Peter Boyle. The team is working an an app that will stream line the process for an even faster experience.

Johnson has told Forbes that more orders of the machine have been placed in Oregon, Washington, Tennessee, Kentucky and Nevada. As marijuana becomes more normalized, we will be seeing a lot more innovative cannabis shopping machines like GreenBox as time goes on.


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