Dallas Fort-Worth for Marijuana March

dallas fort worth marijuana march

Thousands of Texans gathered in Dallas Fort-Worth for the marijuana march law reform on May 11th.

It was an odd but nice feeling being able to smoke marijuana openly mere feet away from law enforcement on Texas land. As unusual as it was I must say it felt right. As I have stated in previous articles, Texas cannabis laws are very much outdated and the state has generally been regarded as one of the least cannabis friendly in the United States.

With lots of wrong information is out there and how miseducated most people are when it comes to cannabis it was very encouraging to see that many people show out in support of cannabis legalization. It was a nice and comfortable setting at Burnett Park. There was a DJ playing music, a lot of vendors from smoke shops, CBD businesses, and of course there was a few booths there to satisfy the munchies. There was also plenty of speakers all with great stories and testimonies to share.

The event was put together by DFW NORML.

NORML stands for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. They have been pushing for marijuana reform since 1970 with branches all over the country. This was my first time attending the march, and I would most definitely recommend it to anyone in Texas who cares about cannabis reform. It was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I was also unsure of whether or not we would actually be allowed to smoke, but Fort Worth Police Department was very cool to allow full consumption for this occasion as well as provide a police escort as we marched through the streets so shout out to them.

There are multiple cannabis related bills currently pending through the Texas legislation process, and hopefully by the end of the month the results of these bills will come out positive. Regardless we must stay active, from town to town, county to county, it is up to us the people to be loud and proud in order to be the change we want to see. Change won’t happen by itself, we have to make it happen. Everybody deserves safe and legal access to cannabis. Come back to The Happy Campers for all of you latest cannabis news and findings.

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