Baked In Alaska


Sitting lackadaisical in the northmost part of the United States is the 49th state to enter the U.S. Alaska.

Being one of the last portions of land to be considered a state, most would think Alaska would be behind all the other states economically and socially. Well, good news for the Alaskan stoner culture because, believe it or not, they are way ahead of the game. When you think of Alaska you probably see the color white, but after reading this you might see green.

As most know, bustling cities like Denver, CO and San Francisco, CA have incorporated Marijuana lounges for people to have a safe place to go and smoke herb. Alaska followed this trend but took it to the next level. A “social consumption” law has been put in place allowing the weed community to consume marijuana in a somewhat public setting called a “Cannabis Cafe.”

Alaska was the first state to pass this law allowing people to smoke pot in a social/public setting. In contrast to the lounges in CO and CA you are allowed to use an open flame to smoke in these areas. In other states you can only smoke wax pens or eat edibles in the lounges. Hopefully within the next couple of years we will see “Cannabis Cafes” opening in many states. But first the states must pass the “social consumption” law in order to let the stoner culture have a free and fun environment to indulge in their hobbies.

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