2018: Californias First Year Of Legal Weed


The stoner culture in California is nothing new, except now it is no longer a criminal offense given you are 21 and over.

On January 1st, 2018 a historic law was passed by the California government making the sale of recreational marijuana legal to persons over the age of 21. This is a big step in both the social and scientific fields concerning the effect of weed on a persons body. California’s profits show that as a state we are paving the way for many other states to legalize it.

As of May, 2018 California had accumulated over $2.5 billion in legal Marijuana sales. Of course this wasn’t news to many people considering the hefty numbers of Marijuana consumers that flood the state. These numbers don’t even come close to accurately representing the true amount that is spent on weed in the Golden State. Since weed was legalized the tax on it is very aggressive because California is still torn politically on the legalization issue leaving no choice but to have strict taxation in order to control it.

Each year more and more people in the state of California dive into the weed culture creating a huge influx of revenue towards dispensaries throughout the many counties of California. With the exponential growth of people smoking legal marijuana the issue of privacy and safety comes into question. Still, it is illegal to just smoke a joint on the streets like a cigarette but lots of different cities, including the densely populated Oakland/San Francisco, have recently opened many “lounges” where people are welcome to come express themselves safely in the weed community.

As a whole California’s growth in the Marijuana scene has been extremely substantial. After this past year California has quickly climbed the charts as a powerhouse in the states concerning legal recreational and medical marijuana. Leading the way are companies like CannaRoyalty and Auxly Cannabis Group which are financing firms for growers throughout California and Canada. As we dive into the new year I expect to see record numbers and many milestones be made, and I have no doubt that it will happen.