Could Cannabis Be The Key To Treating Migraines?

cannabis treating Migraines

Could high doses of cannabis be the key to treating migraines?

Well, it doesn’t hurt to try…

No one likes a migraine. If you’ve ever had one then you probably understand the pain that some people go through. That pounding, pulsating sensation that just won’t go away, but what if we started to diagnose migraines the same way we diagnose chronic pain? Anytime I have a headache, a few tokes and I’m right back in my zone. With that being the remedy for many people I think it is important to ask ourselves —

Could high doses of cannabis be the key to treating migraines?

Did you drink enough waterHave you tried having some caffeineMaybe don’t look at a computer so much, even though it’s your job to look at a screen 12 hours a day!

Yeah, migraines can be an unpredictable pain in the membrane, and doctors still do not know how to effectively treat the killer headaches. Not surprisingly, though, as it turns out, your cannabis habit might be doing some good on the migraine front.

According to new research introduced at the Congress of the European Academy of Neurology in Amsterdam, cannabis can decrease the pain of such extreme headaches.

For the study, researchers administered varying doses of THC and CBD to 48 patients who frequently suffer from migraines. Apparently, however, the study participants didn’t notice much of a difference in pain, until they reached the 100-milligram-dose threshold. Which under normal circumstances, could potentially cause a Maureen Dowd-level freak out. Surprisingly, researchers found 200 mg of the THC/CBD blend, to be the most effective, saw resulting indicating a 55-percent average decrease in pain.

Though the Neurology Academy study may not be the first study to exemplify the headache-crushing power of pot.

So, the next time your head is banging after a long day of being human, try doubling up your dose of high quality cannabis and see if it helps. Check out to see which strain work the best for treating headaches here. Come back to The Happy Campers for all your latest cannabis news and findings.

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