The Happy Camper’s Guide To: Taking A Perfect Dab


Based on the fact that you are reading this I am just going to assume this is your first dab. Well, congrats on gaining the courage to take your smoking game to the next level. I’ll be your guide through this weird, almost scary journey of smoking the derivative.Get the couch in your basement ready because after this one you are most likely a goner.


  1. Some crumble, shatter etc
  2. A freshly cleaned dab rig
  3. A banger or a nail (whichever you prefer)
  4. A dome (Or you can go domeless)
  5. A butane torch
  6. A dabbing tool
  7. A carb cap of some sort (the bottom of a grinder works)
  8. A bottle of water (don’t ask why you’ll see later)

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Step One:

Preparing the dab is the most crucial part of the whole process. Too little and you might not get the results you expected, too much and well… see ya. Usually the dabs come on a little piece of wax paper so in this case take your dab tool and scoop, pick or scrape up a nice little glob. Once you are pleased with the size of your dab it’s time to get the piece prepared for war.

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Step Two:

Now depending upon your patience when it came to buying supplies you have either a glass piece that sort of has a bowl on it, this is a banger. Or you have a funny looking piece of metal in front of you, this is a nail. Good news is you will get shmacked using either one. This process could get a little sketchy so read through. Using your butane torch heat up whichever piece you chose until its red hot, after this remove the heat and wait for it to cool down. If you are using a banger wait about 50-72 seconds and if you are using a nail wait about 10-15 seconds. After you let the piece get to the perfect temperature it’s time to go in.

Step Three:

Now since you are ready for the dab grab the tool and gently place it in the heated piece and swish it around until the dab tool is kind of clean. Next while still pulling from the rig using your carb cap place it on the respective piece and move it around, here you will see the rig start to milk up so pull it until the rig is cleared. Now is when the water bottle comes it, after about 5 seconds the delayed dab cough is gonna hit and you are going to need to replenish.

At this point in the article you’re probably either coughing up a lung or squinting your eyes to read this so I won’t make it much longer. Just be sure to take caution when going about the dabbing process because there are different laws for it and also it is more of a dangerous type of sesh compared to just smoking weed.