Cannabis and Addiction


Now that cannabis is legal for recreational use in over half of The United State, it raises the question, “Can people really abuse this plant?” There’s no doubt that too much of something good can turnout to be pretty bad.

Many people try to avoid the possibility, that you can become addicted to cannabis. Not sure if it is due to taboo or if people just think cannabis already gets a bad enough wrap as it is. Personally, being a huge cannabis advocate myself, I do believe labeling cannabis as addictive gives it negative connotation. Despite that, I still think being aware of the risks is extremely beneficial.

Theoretically speaking, if you can get addicted to chocolate, you can also get addicted to marijuana. No matter how much people deny, it is still possible to abuse marijuana. Remember, it can be habit forming. A habit in itself is extremely difficult to kick. Depending on how much cannabis you consume, and how often, would certainly effect the likelihood of you developing a habit. An occasional toker will probably never see their self craving another bong rip or hit from the doobie, but a very active, 18 blunts a day smoker might never see himself stopping.

The symptoms of addiction are as followed: irritability, unstable mood change, hard time sleeping, and sometimes maybe a huge overcast of gloom on everyday tasks. If you expereince any of these symptoms while you are on a tolerance break, there is a high possibility that you allowed yourself to make cannabis a habit in your everyday life.

At the end of the day, it is definitely possible to become addicted to using cannabis. It is very important to exercise responsible use so that it does not happen to you.