Hiking Essentials

cannabis and hiking

Hiking is great workout. Especially hiking with cannabis, Studies show that it can offer many mental and physical benefits; from preventing osteoporosis to reducing anxiety. Hiking is an outdoor activity that everyone can take part in to experience the great outdoors. Unlike walking aimlessly on a treadmill or treading on a paved road, hiking involves a lot more. At times you can run into unpredictable elements. Of course, these elements are part of what makes it an experience. Before you go on your hike, be sure to have the proper equipment so you can keep it enjoyable.

Here is a light of essentials to make your adventure as enjoyable as possible.

1. Hiking with Cannabis- Call It Highking. 

Let’s be real, you’re not really going to go on a hike without it out. Be sure to bring have them pre-rolled so you can save time and not have to worry about rolling up mid-hike. Some of the best strains for experiencing nature can be found here.

2. Proper footwear.

For a quick day hike that doesn’t involve a heavy pack or sketchy terrain, trail shoes are perfect. For longer treks, carrying heavier loads, or more complex terrain, hiking boots offer a ton of more support.

3. Map and compass/GPS.

A map and compass not only tell you where you are and how far you have to go, they can also help you find campsites, water, and an emergency exit route in case of an accident. While GPS units are super useful, always carry a map and compass as a backup.

4. Extra water and a way to purify it.

Without enough water, you’re not going to have a good time! Your body’s muscles and organs simply can’t perform properly. Not drinking enough water will not only make you thirsty, but will put you at risk for hypothermia and altitude sickness.

5. Extra munchies.

Anything can keep you out longer than you expect: getting lost, chilling by a stream, or a dreaded injury! Extra food will help keep your energy up and focus on the challenge ahead.

6. Rain gear and extra clothing.

Because the weatherman is more often wrong than right, dressing in layers makes it easy for you to adjust to changing climate and activity levels. There are two rules when it comes to hiking gear: avoid cotton (it keeps moisture close to your skin) and always, always carry a hat with you.

7. Safety items: fire and light.

You definitely need a flame on you so you can spark up your flower. The warmth from a fire and a nice hot drink can also help prevent hypothermia if it’s chilly out. And just in case you’re out later than planned, a flashlight/headlamp is a must-have item to see your map and where you’re walking.

8. Knife or multi-purpose tool.

These enable you to cut strips of cloth into bandages, remove splinters, and perform a whole host of repairs on malfunctioning gear.

9. Backpack.

You’ll want something you can carry comfortably and has the features designed to keep you hiking efficiently. Don’t forget the rain cover; some packs come with one built-in. Keep the other Essentials in the pack and you’ll always be ready to hit the trail safely.

BONUS: Trash Bag. This 10th piece of gear is essential to making sure that the trails you love stay beautiful for generations to come. A zip lock bag is a great option as well for keeping the trash you pick up along the trail separate from the rest of your gear.