What Is Hemp Wick?

Packed cannabis bowl being lit with what is hemp wick

Smokers are becoming more conscious about butane’s possible side effects. Inhaling the fumes of butane, either purposefully or accidentally, can lead to some frightening long-term effects. You’ve probably heard of this product, but what is hemp wick and how do you use it?

Usually tokers know when they have inhaled residual butane gas. It has a noticeable taste that can alter the overall flavor of your herb. Butane almost instantly enters the blood stream after inhalation and restricts oxygen from entering. In high concentrations of butane inhalation, a lack of oxygen can lead to sudden death. Some people will faint, get a nosebleed, vomit, hallucinate, or experience a seizure after low to medium exposure. Long-term repetitive exposure can lead to kidney and liver damage, brain damage, visual problems, anxiety, depression, chronic cough, or tremors. When using a butane lighter, it’s vital to exercise extreme caution and always use it the way it was intended. For those searching for a healthier option of lighting their herb, hemp wicks are a great alternative. So what is hemp wick?

What is a Hemp Wick and How Do I Use It?

A hemp wick is a string made of hemp fibers that is coated with beeswax. You can purchase a short strand of hemp wick or a whole yarn ball to get started. Some hemp wicks can burn rapidly depending on environmental factors such as wind, so it’s important for you to use a long enough strand to light your her with so you don’t accidentally burn your fingers when it nears the end.

The natural ingredients in the hemp wick don’t produce any harmful toxins when lit, so you won’t have to worry about breathing in extra chemicals besides what’s included already in your bowl. To use a hemp wick, light the end of the wick and use the as a flame source for lighting your bowl. It’s just like using a candle to light another candle.

Some users wrap their hemp wicks around their lighters for easy access. Instead of using the lighter to light the whole bowl, you can save your butane for a quick wick light and use that to spark your herb. Some people say lighting a hemp wick is extra work just to get your cannabis lit, but if you are health conscious and don’t enjoy the taste of butane then taking a few extra seconds out of your sesh to use hemp wick will only make your experience more satisfying. Come back to The Happy Campers for all your latest cannabis news and findings.

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