Types of Weed Explained

Types of Weed Explained

Let’s get one thing straight: you want the best type of weed possible for the amount of money you have at your disposal.

Have you ever heard anyone say that all weed same? Well, you probably don’t want to smoke with them then. Fact is, the types of weed range from high quality to… dirt. Much like all other industries, there is high quality (top shelf), medium quality (mids), and low quality (schwag) cannabis available. At some point in your cannabis experiences, it is inevitable that you will have to visually discern whether or not the weed you’re getting is good. This process is a lot easier in legalized places, but can still be troublesome for those in less fortunate locations. Some different ways to determine good weed from bad weed are: the high achieved, appearance presented, and price charged. For all practical purposes, we’re addressing flower from the plant itself without adding  concentrates into the discussion. Shopping for the best Soil for weed? Premixed soils ready to go and available online. 

Differences in highs vary from user to user, and strain to strain, but right now we’re talking about the overall experience of being high and the space it elevates your brain to.

Top shelf cannabis should give the user a very nice, easy, mental lift. Straight into the stoney section, and maintain a smooth high. Mids will give you about half of the high one would achieve with top shelf, and might incur a slight headache at first ingestion. Schwag will give you an instant headache, with limited, if any, high associated. Truth be told, you’ll probably get more of a high from the tylenol taken to subside the headache the schwag gave you.

Now that we know the differences in highs, let’s get into the different types of weed in appearance.

Top shelf flower will be neatly trimmed like a drill sergeant’s haircut and have very full colorings of green, purple, or both. Some might even have orange “hairs” as well. The buds should be sticky or hard to pull apart, and contain NO seeds whatsoever. Mids will still have some coloration, but is a darker shade overall. The bud trimming will be rough around the edges, much like rebellious teenagers claim to be.

The buds will be more “dead” looking, and won’t be anywhere near as sticky as top shelf would be; there’s more than likely going to be a few seeds. Schwag just looks like somebody picked it up off the side of the road. With colors looking more like manure than marijuana. The trimming won’t be obvious, if it’s even trimmed at all. There will be more seeds to smoke than bud, and will most likely crumble like the pile of dead leaves it truly is.

Since you’re familiar with what you’re looking for, and how you should feel, let’s get you hip to the prices you might pay for an eighth of each quality level.

For top shelf bud, be expected to shell out a pretty penny; in legal places at a dispensary, it might range from $60 – $70 USD. The prices on the black market are meant to be competitive, but prosperous; you should expect to pay $40 – $50. For some mids, you should expect to pay about $30 – $40 at dispensaries, but $20 – $25 in the streets. As for schwag, dispensaries wouldn’t carry it because it wouldn’t sell. The street prices for an eighth of schwag are probably $5 – $15 because nobody wants to buy it. The only reason one should ever buy schwag is if it’s your very, VERY, last resort at purchasing weed. What do you usually pay for an eighth? Come back to The Happy Campers for all of your latest cannabis news and findings.


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