The Many Names Of Cannabis

marijuana names dictionary

As you’ve probably already heard, the are many different names for cannabis.

Much like the culture, there’s a wide array of names and ways to reefer-ence cannabis and cannabis concentrates. These terms have unique origin stories and have different frequencies of usage. With inspiration coming from all over, some names are more prominent in different parts of the world and decades in time. Maybe there’s different names in outer space? Who knows?

Anyways, some of the more prominent names for cannabis flower in today’s day and age include:

  • marijuana, weed, ganja, green, gas, loud, sour, spliff, bud, grass, herb, Mary Jane, pot, kush, OG, purp, trees, astro turf, catnip, cabbage, and broccoli.

Most of these young whippersnapper nicknames grab some inspiration from original terms. Check out these old but gold nicknames:

  • 420, endo, dope, doobie, left-handed cigarette, chronic, skunk, whacky tabacky, stogie, devil’s lettuce, and reefer.

However, when referring to concentrates, some of the possible slang terms are a little bit different and less limited in their variety: oil, dabs, butter, wax, honey, 710, to name a few. The reason there are so few nicknames of concentrates are purely because it’s still a new part of the cannabis culture. This just means that the original dabbers get first dabs at creating references.

One problem some cannabis users have is confusing slang terms with strain names. For example, “Grape Ape” is a specific strain, and “Purp” is a slang term for any cannabis flower with the color purple within it. Some other examples of strain names are AK-47, Northern Lights, Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, Bruce Banner.

There are PLENTY of new names and slang terms for cannabis that are being invented every day,  so keep your ears open if you’re looking to get your mind hazy. What are some of your favorite nicknames for cannabis? Be sure to come back to The Happy Campers for all of the latest cannabis news and findings.

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