What’s the THC:CBD ratio?

Cannabinoid concentration is displayed in different amounts and are shown as THC:CBD ratio. This number helps us understand the potential therapeutic effects. Changes to this ratio could help improve your treatment plan.

High THC cannabis strains are sought out by recreational users as THC is the cannabinoid responsible for psychoactive effects and feeling “high.” The higher the THC in a strain, the lower the cannabinoid CBD will be and vice-versa. For those using cannabis for more therapeutic reasons, heading straight to the high THC strains might not be the best option. Although, More research is needed to understand the ideal THC:CBD ratio.

Recent cannabis research underscores the importance of the entourage effect. This is the concept that the many compounds in cannabis contribute to its array of effects, both cannabinoids and terpenes. Depending on the symptoms or conditions you’re looking to treat. You could benefit from CBD-rich, THC-rich or something in between.

THC and CBD provide different benefits and there are several types of strains that balance these cannabinoids for maximum effectiveness.

High THC: THC-rich strains are typically a ratio of CBD/THC 1:19. Strains high in THC are best for recreational use, but can also help migraines, pain management, nausea, symptoms of glaucoma and is a natural treatment for insomnia. THC also stimulates the appetite. THC-rich strains are also excellent for stress relief.

Even Ratio: There are strains that offer a 1:1 or 10:1 ratio of CBD/THC. These balanced strains are optimal for treating autism, cancer, neuropathic pain and nervous system disorders as well as multiple sclerosis. Strains labeled 1:1 will still produce mild psychoactive effects. Think a glass of wine versus a shot of booze. The increased CBD in these strains will produce a happy, uplifted mood and reduction in anxiety and stress. These strains are a good choice for those who just want to take the edge off, not feel intense psychoactive effects. It is thought that a combination of THC and CBD will ultimately be more effective that a high ratio of one or the other.

High CBD: CBD-rich strains offer little to no psychoactive effects but will be felt in the body. CBD-rich strains are ideal for seizure disorders and treating muscle spasms, as well as stroke, psychotic disorders and inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Strains high in CBD have the opposite effect on appetite as THC; they suppress it. To learn more bout the cbd uses visit this page to learn from the experts.

Medicating and choosing the right cannabinoid ratio for your needs is important to understand. Come back to The Happy Campers for all your latest cannabis news and findings.

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