Terpenes: The Best Way To Predict Your High


You know what… I’m going to say it… Sativa vs Indica is so 2012. Terpenes are the future.

The majority of stoners are content to know that indica will put you in-da-couch and sativa will bring you up with a head high. Budtenders (and your local weedman) still rely on the “Here smell this dank” method, but for some stoners that just doesn’t cut it. That is why we must know and understand these essential oils called Terpenes.

The more info you have then the more you get out of your overall cannabis experience, especially since studies show that sativa doesn’t always help you focus and some indicas will get you turnt. The truth is, sativa vs indica is so 2012. Nowadays we use Terpenes.

But what are Terpenes?

Just about all of the foods we consume contain terpenes. They are the organic oils produced by plants that carry the aroma and flavor propitiates.

Sativa and indica are the easy way to classify strains but since we have so many nowadays, we need to focus more on the chemical properties that each strain contains and how they differ from one another.

Rumor is that if you eat a mango 30 minutes before consuming cannabis your high will be intensified. Turns out this is true, thanks to the terpene profile mycerene.

When you think of sativas, the first thing that should come to mind is a citrusy scent, while indicas are primarily going to fit the profile of cloves or pine forests. Have you ever had a strain that smelled like beer? Well that is because hops are actually related to cannabis and they contain mycerene.

So next time your have a sesh, examine the weed and try to predict what terpene is present in the strain. You will most definitely impress your friends and be that much closer to earning the label of cannabis expert in your group! Come back to The Happy Campers for all of your latest cannabis news and findings.

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