How To Keep Your Weed Fresh

Doctor holding a jar of weed keeping it fresh

Want to know how to keep your weed fresh? Read along and we’ll share some of our tips.

You’ve just finished your smoke sesh and still have some leftover loud, what now? Well, you could either throw it away, give it to a friend to do who-knows-what with, or you can store it yourself (best option, in our opinion). For all practicality purposes, you decide to keep it while coming to the conclusion that you’ll need a container to keep it in, as well as a method to keep it fresh. But first, is the weed already fresh enough as is?

When trying to figure out the freshness of your bud, there’s a couple of tell-tale signs to look for.

First, if it breaks apart very easily  and makes cracking sounds while doing so, there’s a high chance the bud is a bit too stale to smoke. Second, if the bud’s coloration is more akin to powdery leaflets than it originally was, you’re going to have to rehydrate it for a few days if you hope to get some sort of high from it. Third, if it has a white “powder-like” substance on it, that’s mold. If that’s the case or you aren’t completely sure, DO NOT ingest it; take the L and go buy some more weed. However, if it passes all of those tests, great!

Now, let’s look at some of the proper ways to keep your weed fresh.

You’re going to want a decent container with an airtight seal to prevent it from drying out. Mason jars, waterproof containers, even the containers they sell at Spencer’s will get the job done. Some headshops carry containers that have more discreet use and provide a better facade to throw off anybody sniffing out your stash. The container alone won’t protect and maintain the weed’s hydration, it will only slow the dehydration process.

Maintaining hydration is necessary so the weed doesn’t go stale; if it’s too moist, you run the risk of mold growing.

A few different methods have been known to extend the freshness, without introducing any contaminants. If you need something that’s cheap to save a small amount of weed for a day or two, an orange or lemon peel isn’t a bad option. Some say that a moist cotton ball (outside of the weed bag, but still within your container) is a safer method for larger quantities. Or, some might suggest using “Integra Boost” two-way humidifier packets. Keep in mind, however, that you should still check your weed at least once a day to insure nothing is going awry. Now that we’ve given you a few ways to save your supply… How will you keep your weed fresh? Come back to The Happy Campers for all of your latest cannabis news and findings.


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