Find Peace By Cleaning Your Piece: How To Clean A Bong

How To Clean A Bong

How to clean a bong in 4 easy steps:

So you’ve taken one too many snaps and now your bong looks like something out of an 1970’s anti smoking ad. Hard times call for desperate measures, so you are probably still taking chops out of your nicely clogged week old bong, and that is a problem. Well, after reading this you can show your friends how very “pot head” you are by cleaning your beloved new piece.

Guessing from the fact that you do not know how to clean a bong, I’m assuming you are new to the whole smoking scene. Well let me welcome you to the closest knit community ever, stoners. I hope you enjoy your stay.


  • A dirty bong
  • Salt
  • Isopropyl alcohol

Step 1: Add Isopropyl Alcohol

It all begins with some wonderful isopropyl alcohol (don’t drink this please). Start by adding a couple inches of this to the piece, make sure the bong is completely empty before you do this step.

Step 2: Pour Salt Into Your Bong

Add a few tablespoons of salt, or until you think it’s the right amount, I get it I get it.

Step 3: SHAKE!

I know you have all seen the classic shake weight ad on TV so just do that after these ingredients are added. And keep on doing that until the glass is spotless.

Step 4: Rinse

Dump your salt and alcohol mixture out into the sink and then rinse that bad boy out. Don’t forget to send your friends a nice Snapchat of you taking a fat rip out of your newly cleaned piece!

Take caution because once you have mastered this skill it is more than likely that you will become the designated bong cleaner, so spread the word and educate your circle.

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