Watch This Artist “Draw” Iconic Logos Out of Weed


Most people roll up their herb and smoke it, but this artist puts his cannabis to better use.

Imagine a “drawing” an iconic logo made completely of ground up flower. Well, for this Instagram phenom, Cannabiscapes, it is his full time job. As a way to share his own personal experience and raising awareness about cannabis culture, using this form of art has been a unique medium for him to tell stories to his audience.

When I started making Cannabiscapes I wanted to show a different side of cannabis, something that might fight against the negative stereotypes. What I’ve found is an incredible network of enthusiasts who give a shit about the environment and doing the right thing, not for reward, but cause it’s the right thing to do.

We’ve all had a moment, stoned or not stoned, when we would visualize the trees around us as nugs or vice versa, so you can sort of get an idea of how he got into this practice.

It all started when a joint I was smoking went out and I set it on a piece of white paper with a few buds on it. When I came back to relight the J, I thought it looked like mini trees on a ski slope so I doodled a little skier, snapped a pic, and sent it to my friends. They were all amused so I made a few more, then started the IG and have grown organically from there.


The time it takes for each piece varies. “Easy logos can be done in 30 minutes, portraits can take a couple hours.” On Instagram, he shares his photos and videos and responds to fan questions about his process. Be sure to show your support and check out his other pieces here. Another pioneer in this budding industry who is fighting that good fight in a creative way is exactly what we need.