Know The Roots: The People That Make It Happen


As weed gets legalized in more and more states, the ability to get a job in this booming field is getting easier and more creative than ever before.

At this point in the world of weed basically any position you could think of is a possibility. From delivery drivers to trimmers the marijuana community continues to grow leaving today’s generation with millions of opportunities concerning the stoner lifestyle.

We start off with the most sought after job in the industry, a budtender. Much like a bartender, a budtender is the one behind the counter teaching customers about the different types of weed, answering the questions and basically just being as hospitable as possible for their fellow stoners. Budtenders are usually the most friendly people and have some of the best customer service skills out of anyone, I wonder why.

Next we have the creative spirits that express themselves through the art of baking. Ever since the consumption of pot was studied more and more different forms of consumption began to emerge. Edibles, everyone’s new favorite, come in all shapes and sizes. These tasty treats and cooked up with cannabis oil and can range from any amount of mg of THC. The usual dose is 10mg but seasoned smokers could take up to around 100mg+ for full effect. Edible chefs around the world have mastered the art of cooking stoney treats to get people of all walks of life a little more baked.

Being a stoner doesn’t require you to be lazy but it definitely enables it.

Thanks to the fact that the weed culture, community and business is growing exponentially there is now an Ubereats type way of getting high. If you live in the right state and have the proper form of identification you can actually get weed delivered to your home. Shout out to the aspiring weed connoisseurs that want to spread the wealth by being delivery drivers. There are now a number of apps and online sources to find out how to get it delivered to your front door.

Even though I only touched on a few of the jobs in the great industry there are still hundreds of others that help make the gears keep going. Since all of the aspects of the weed community are growing there will continue to be a higher influx of jobs into the industry, maybe even something that could interest you. Thanks for reading!

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