Inside Dope Girls, A Magazine for Women Who Love Weed


Getting high while getting shit done is a phase should be put on billboards worldwide.

Cannabis culture is becoming more inclusive. To this day, ten states have legalized recreational use, while 34 others have recognized cannabis to have a medical value—giving both patients and stoners easier access to weed. With increased openness comes more exposure for brands that embody what was always true: Women—independent, high-achieving, creative, social women—are into weed.

The Atlanta based magazine, Dope Girls, is a perfect example of a publication that’s hands on with their audience. Each year they stage a series of community-centered events to cultivate the culture and bring people together. Their biannual magazine showcases work from women and non-binary makers and they also offer merch to go along with solidifying their branding. A portion of their sales are even donated to Planned Parenthood Southeast, an organization that provides affordable healthcare to millions of Americans.

Over the last few years, strides have been made to enhance women’s presence within cannabis culture, creating a new wave that is personal to them and their lifestyles. While the media doesn’t do the best job of highlighting this revolutionary movement, these badass chicks are here to remind us that a woman’s touch is much needed in the world of cannabis. Show your support and pick up their latest Volume 6 zine that just dropped on 4/20 here.