Ignorance Is Bliss: Stoner Kids And Upset Parents


So you’re a big time stoner now and the Ziploc bags in your underwear drawer are starting to leak the pungent smell of the devils lettuce.

Soon your parents are going to get curious and start to connect the smell, the laziness and the constant bloodshot eyes, this is a point in your life that will make or break your weed smoking career. Well, I’ll be your guide through the wonderful world of strict parenting.

Odds are you aren’t new to the game but as you get more comfortable smoking you become lackadaisical with your habits that used to be top notch in order to keep it under your parents radar. Now suspicion has risen and they know you are smoking, but now they are just waiting to catch you. All parents are different, some are chill and respect their kids privacy, they have no problem with their child because the trust is too strong. Then on the other side of the spectrum are “crazy parents” who do not care about your opinion because they are always right, I’m here for the crazies.

There are lots of ways you could go about this and then there is the right way. I know it sounds tough but you need to be straight up. Read around TheHappyCampers.com and learn about what you are smoking. If your parent sees that you took it into your own hands to research both the benefits and health hazards that could put some respect on your name. Keep it private, don’t flaunt the fact you are a stoner, just keep it to yourself and you will be better off. And lastly, listen, your parents are generally in charge of you for a time of your life so respect their wishes. Listen to their opinions and maybe something you researched will be able to counter their beliefs.
Don’t worry, either way you’ll make it through and hopefully you will learn on the way.