Former Miss UK Chooses Cannabis Over Chemo


When presented with the option to receive chemotherapy for her brain tumor, this former beauty queen chose a natural treatment instead.

Kerri Parker is a former Army medic, stunt double, Playboy Bunny, and beauty queen. Parker has a long list of accomplishments, ranging from acting with Megan Fox and drinking with Leonardo DiCaprio to modelling internationally. In 2013, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and immediately underwent surgery to have it removed. Even though the surgery was both expensive and risky, it was a success in removing the tumor.

Kerri (pictured with facial swelling after having surgery to remove the tumour in 2014) previously revealed how her personality changed after undergoing surgery to have her tumour removed
Parker’s face after the surgery that ‘changed her personality’ and removed the tumor

Around 3 years after the surgery, Kerri Parker went on to win the Miss UK title. Although the first tumor was gone, Parker’s most recent health screening revealed that the tumor had returned. When faced with this troubling news, the former Miss UK was offered the most common form of treatment, chemotherapy. If you are unfamiliar with chemo, it has its pro’s and con’s. Unfortunately, the latter outweighs the former.

“‘Chemotherapy will add on a few extra months of survival’. But at what cost?! A year in a hospital to get a few extra months of life isn’t treatment in my eyes,”

After Kerri Parker was re-diagnosed, she was strongly urged by her doctors and family to undergo chemotherapy along with radiation treatment. Parker strongly opposed the treatment that seemingly does more harm than good. The most common side effects of chemotherapy are hair loss, loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. Accompanying these side effects are only 6 to 12 extra months of life. Even though this is the norm for cancer treatment, Parker was not having it. Opposing the majority of the people around her, Kerri Parker will begin treating herself with cannabis oil. By using cannabis oil, she know’s that she can face legal repercussions, but the former Army medic has a physical exercise regimen that would be halted by chemotherapy.

‘I don’t want my hair to fall out from chemo, or my face burned from radiotherapy. I train daily, run a model academy and a nutrition business and I don’t want having cancer to affect all of this.’

In order to operate within the law, Parker will be receiving the treatment in Spain, where it is legal. The soon to be black belt won’t let anything stand in her way to beating this disease. Her end goal is to not only heal herself, but to prove to the world that cannabis oil is a viable and more effective treatment for cancer.

Kerri (pictured earlier this year in a martial arts gear) described herself as the 'fittest and healthiest' she's been, explaining how she's been training towards a black belt in martial arts
Kerri, on her way to becoming a black belt, describes herself as the fittest and healthiest she’s been