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5 Ways Weed Can Help Your Relationship

Smoking weed | Source: Unsplash

Many stoner couples claim that the quality and happiness of their relationship are intensified by their third lover— Mary Jane.

We can’t speak for every relationship, but mounting research shows that cannabis and couples can go hand in hand in a lot of ways! Healthy use of marijuana can be the factor that brings you closer to your loved one. It’s true… weed has been known to be a healthy alternative to some forms of western medicines. And, it can be used to treat some mental and physical health issues.

But is it true, do couples who smoke together, stay together?

According to a new study that suggests that cannabis is correlated to happier relationships, the healing powers of cannabis go beyond treatments for insomnia and other chronic pain. It can increase sexuality between partners, which leads to a slew of other positive effects as well.

So let’s dive deeper into how marijuana can make your romance more intimate!

5 Ways Weed Can Help Your Relationship

If you’re looking to roll your relationship into a more robust romance, adding shared greenery could be the key! 

The University of Buffalo School of Public Health found, in their study published in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviours, that married couples who smoked weed together were less likely to become violent towards each other. Researchers note, however, that marijuana’s physical effect on the brain is not the only factor. Couples who toke together most likely have a common set of values and hang out with similar types of people.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “This is all fine and well, but how can it help my relationship?”

We’ve found that there is a few aspects of your relationship that can shift positively once you and your loved one partake in the whacky tobacky. 

Weed can increase sexual pleasure.

Have things grown stale sexually between you and your partner?

Try adding cannabis sex into the mix!

Studies have shown that marijuana can amplify sexual pleasure, and who wouldn’t want that? Great sex is a solid indicator of a great relationship. Why not try it out and smoke a doobie together before or after sex? Keep your intimate senses intensified and feel the ultimate post-climax relaxation. If the whole point of sex is to best pleasure your lover, why not extend those feelings of intimate bonding and make each other happier and healthier?

Weed can promote a more active lifestyle. 

It’s time you two put the high back in hiking!

Typical outdated stoner logic says smoking weed will make you lazy and put you on your ass, but studies now show that cannabis is part of an active and healthy lifestyle. By improving your mental health, you can be more present in your relationship. Doing things like hiking or working out while stoned together can make for a healthier lifestyle. Activities are a key ingredient in facilitating the release of natural endorphins in your body. Cannabis has been shown to increase that release. 

Weed can relieve stress and anxiety. 

You can’t argue if you can’t remember what you’re mad about in the first place! 

Weed can be known to cause forgetfulness (pros and cons, Campers). But with that being said, it’s a lot easier not to sweat the small stuff that might cause a fight with your loved one. Marijuana’s anti-anxiety properties can be key in allowing couples to focus on what matters: having fun together and enjoying each other’s company.

Learn more about the many benefits of CBD and cannabis against stress and anxiety, HERE

Weed can be known to cause forgetfulness, so it’s a lot easier not to sweat the small stuff that might cause a fight with your loved one.

Weed can bring you closer to your S/O. 

They say to look for quality, not quantity, and we say: why not both?

When you fight less and love more from the use of marijuana, you’ll build a stronger bond with your partner. Becoming best friends all over again is more than possible, and when you’re with your best friend anything is possible! 

You can eat edibles and watch movies on your couch. Maybe even snuggle in a cozy hotbox zone. How about rolling up and going on a hiking adventure? You can simply relax enough to enjoy pure happiness together. Or, you can have amazing cannabis sex together. Be each other’s cheerleader and worry less. And that might just make both of you a lot happier and better to be around. Thank you cannabis!

Weed can help couples connect better.

Couples who use cannabis in their everyday life say that their lives are a lot more laid back and easier. That’s because marijuana is known to activate your endocannabinoid system, which stimulates your appetite, pain sensation, memory, and mood. If you find your perfect product or dose, weed can help you connect with your partner on a whole different level.

Plus you’re more likely to share deep thoughts and experiences when you and your partner are sitting around getting stoned! 

If you find your perfect product or dose, weed can really help you connect with your partner on a whole different level.


How can cannabis help you and your relationship?

Ah, romance. There’s nothing quite like it. But can cannabis help you and your relationship? 

Of course, it can! It’s more than just a good time, it can be life-changing. The truth is that so many people have found that using cannabis is a solid bonding experience with their partner. We all know that romance feeds on intimacy. And making time to be intimate with your partner is the key to having a healthy and happy love life. Nowadays, cannabis can help you get closer to your partner in more ways than one. Whether it’s enjoying a joint together or taking CBD oil to help you and your lover sleep better, cannabis has powerful benefits for your relationship.

And while there are many other wonderful ways to get close to your significant other, we think that cannabis and romance go together like cupid and his arrow. Weed can be the perfect addition to your romantic life. It can help to enhance your relationship while also lowering your inhibitions and making it easier to be intimate with each other. 

So whether you’re planning a romantic evening at home or hosting an intimate dinner party, be prepared to make a lasting impression (and enjoy the feeling of being buzzed). 

Of course, this might not be the case with all relationships. If you’re wondering if cannabis is the right addition to your relationship, the best thing you can do is: educate yourself. Visit our explore page to learn more about all things cannabis.

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